POGOensemble The POGOensemble, namely Dilan Ercenk, Denise Temme and Tessa Temme, was founded in 2001. All three choreographers graduated from the department Creativity of the German Sport at the University of Cologne.

The quality and specificity of their works are reflected in numerous positive reviews, and nominations such as »Young Choreographer to watch« in the ; International critics’ poll from the Yearbook of the magazine Ballettanz in 2007 or as »Best Young Choreographer« in the critics’ poll of the magazineTheater pur in 2008.

Their Choreography »Ja Ja der Jodok« marks a particular point within their artistic creation. In addition to the nominations for the Cologne Dance Award and the 22nd International competition for choreographers in Hannover »Ja Ja der Jodok« has been mentioned as "the most important theater production" in the magazine StadtRevue and their piece was selected to the prestigious European performance network for young artists »Aerowaves 2010«, where they successfully toured with their piece nationally and internationally. Furthermore, »Ja Ja der Jodok« won the 2nd Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 3rd International Choreography Competition Ludwigshafen - no ballet.

Their production »Gyntschaft«, a collaborative project with the German Sports University in Cologne was nominated for the Cologne Dance Award just like »Silly Putty«, created in collaboration with the choreographer Yoshie Shibahara.

With »HENRY« the POGOensemble was invited to the 1st International Choreography Competition in Ludwigshafen in 2006 and to the famous International festival Tanztendenzen in Greifswald.

Their debut piece »Kolonie«, was awarded with the 3rd prize »for courage to their own movement vocabulary« at the 11th International Choreography Competition 2004 in Burghausen and won the »Prize for staging and movement art« of the GFF of DSHS Cologne in the same year.